Steel Kiddo of the Month - April

danielle steel kiddo 2
danielle steel kiddo
gunit steel kiddo 2
gunit steel kiddo month

What a special month at Steel Barbells! We have two Steel Kiddos of the Month this time!

Danielle M has been with Steel Barbells for a little over 6 months. Walking thru the front door for the very first time was terrifying for her but she did it. Danielle keep coming through those doors and more and more, she stepped out of her comfort zone. She is now doing things that she never thought she would ever do. This past month she participated in the Crossfit Open. She did extraordinary and surprised herself with how great she did. She is also now a Spartan Race Alumni with a Beast and a Super Spartan Race planned later on this year. Go Danielle!

We know him as G-Unit! Gautam has been with Steel Barbells for over 2 years now. He not only has lost a lot of freaking body fat, but has been a mentor and also a great help with the Newbies here at the gym. G also participated in the 2015 Crossfit Open, is a Spartan Race Alumni, and is traveling with Team Steel Barbells and the Weeple Army to Vegas for the Super Spartan Race this month. Gautam can always been seen coming in early and leaving late. Way to go Gautam, we are proud of you!

It has been an absolute pleasure having both of these wonderful people here at Steel Barbells! Make sure you give them a Steel Kiddo Fist Bump when you see them. I present to you, Steel Kiddos for the Month of April- Gautam and Danielle!

Steel Kiddo of the Month - January

Steel Kiddo January

Meet our new Steel Kiddo of the Month.

Last year Jeremy started with us because he didn’t know how to get started on his own. He said he finally wanted to learn how to begin living a healthy lifestyle and getting into better shape.

I am happy to say that he really took this to heart.

Jeremy started out with a couple of preexisting injuries we had to look out for but it didn’t hold him back. As you can see Jeremy has made some serious gains and has lost some considerable amount of body fat.

It is a pleasure having him at Steel Barbells.

Keep it up buddy. We are very proud of you!

Steel Kiddo of the Month - August


We love clients like Sara Bagheri.

She came in looking around at different gyms until she decided to come to us to try it out.
We started her off light of course, taught her the movements, moved her along as best as we can. Its been a month and a half, she is growing into a mini BEAST!

She did her first one rep max on back squats a couple of days ago. She liked the barbell. She liked the feeling it gave her. She mentioned to me that she wants to get strong and pack on some muscle. She saw the Rich Froning CF Games video today and she texted me and asked if newbies can participate in the Games. She wants to do it. She is new to all this and doesn’t know yet the amount of dedication and time it takes to get to the games but I love where her head is.

Of course, its going to take a lot of hard work to get her even ready for The Open next year BUT I love her outlook and enthusiasm.

This is what I am talking about people, starting off slow, build yourself up, realistic exceptions and dreaming big. This is the kind of stuff that make us excited about coming to work (which we don’t consider work) at Steel Barbells.

This is why we chose Sara B. as The Steel Kiddo of the Month!